The Real Adam Smith: Morality and Markets

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What can a man with a plain name who lived over 200 years ago tell us about life today? Who was The Real Adam Smithinfo-icon? And why should we care? In this two-hour, two-part documentary, Swedish author, commentator and Cato Senior Fellow Johan Norberg explores Adam Smith’s life, his ideasinfo-icon about moralityinfo-icon and economics, and how the concepts he discussed in his books and lectures are still relevant today. 

Hour One, Morality & Markets, explores Smith’s life and role in the Scottish Enlightenment, his thoughts on empathy and how we distinguish right from wrong. French wine, Scottish whiskey, and freshly-baked scones all illustrate Smith’s economic principles. True wealthinfo-icon is defined. We discover Smith’s thoughts on the government’s role in markets, his distaste for monopolies/crony capitalisminfo-icon in the form of the East India Company, and his thoughts on the American colonies. © 2016 / 1 hr.

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