Geoffrey Brennan
Distinguished Research Professor Co-Director, Duke-UNC Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program

An economist by training, Geoffrey Brennan works actively on issues at the intersection of economics, rationality, and political philosophy. In addition to his position here, which brings him to Chapel Hill for one semester each year, Brennan is a professor at the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University. He is Director of the Duke-UNC joint program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). 

Books Authored by Geoffrey Brennan

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Books Edited by Geoffrey Brennan


This book makes a rational and eloquent case for the closer integration of ethics and economics. It expands upon themes... more


This Festschrift was "presented" in electronic form to Buchanan on the occasion of his eightieth birthday on October 3,... more

Research Papers by Geoffrey Brennan

Title Publicationsort descending Year Published
Voting and Causal Responsibility 2015
On Virtue Economics 2016
The normative purpose of economic ‘science’ International Review of Law and Economics 1981
Pareto Optimal Redistribution: The Case of Malice and Envy Journal of Public Economics 1973
Hume and Smith on Sympathy, Approbation, and Moral Judgment Social Philosophy and Policy
Is there a Duty to Vote? Social Philosophy and Policy 2000
The Reason of Rules The Collected Works for James M. Buchanan 1985
Social Norms, The Invisible Hand, and the Law University of Queensland Law Journal 2013